#72 | Frederick Wildes | Mystery and Wonder

Submission 72
Frederick Wildes
Unitarian Universalist Society: East (Manchester, CT) 2721

What is your suggestion or idea?

In the third sentence of Section C-2.3. Inspirations, following the first two words ““These sources””, add ““together with the direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder affirmed in all cultures,””. (Retain the rest of the sentence.)

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

This restores the first bullet point of the sources in the existing Article II. Not only does it express a mystical aspect of spirituality to complement the rational aspect, but it enhances the significance of the individual and of individual experience existing together with religious ancestries.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Rev Joshua Pawelek. His response, ““I couldn’t agree with you more.””


I agree that I miss the “direct experience” part of the “sources.” I hope your thoughts can be combined with the ones submitted by Matthew Johnson.


Thank you for this wonderful articulation. Completely agree!


Hi - I vote for Mystery and Wonder staying in the inspirations. I promoted adding 8) #384 Add to Inspirations – Kathy Adams Submittal
Section C-2.3. Inspirations. Add to the Existing
Our experience of Creation, Nature, Wonder and the inherent
wisdom of each and all, we hold in respect in the mystery we navigate.