#61 | Linda Sanders | Uninspired

Submission 61
Linda Sanders
First Unitarian Church of Wilmington Del. (Wilmington, DE) 2823

What is your suggestion or idea?

Section C 2.3 Inspirations
We were universally uninspired by the rewording of the sources and would suggest leaving the wording of the previous sources. Each of us had reasons why we liked the wording of the previous document better. These reasons are listed below.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

  1. We don’t necessarily need to respect all histories (e.g., burning of witches, inquisition, etc.)
  2. We lost the welcoming message the previous sources had. Giving specifics of Jewish, Christian, world’s religions, Humanist teaching with the guidance of reason and the results of science, earth centered traditions, all showed visitors that if their history involved these sources, they were welcome here in Unitarian Universalism.
  3. Direct experience was an important source to some of us and seemed lost in the new wording.
  4. In summary, we would like a return to the original sources with some wordsmithing if necessary to make it more expansive.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Yes, at our congregation’s session to discuss Article II on April 2, 2023. this is the work of our sub team at that session.


I agree with Linda that the current paragraph in the proposed Article II language is “universally uninspired.”

I recommend that the current list of Source be retained. I would also support expanding the list of Sources.

Article II changes in 2009 also eliminated the list of Sources and substituted a narrative description. That approach was rejected in 2009 and should be rejected again in 2023.


Maybe the UUA will kindly allow us delegates to vote on Article II section by section. In that case, maybe we’ll keep the Sources even if other sections change.

Suggested amendment 61 is the last in the list of amendments, that I found for the Study Commission revised Article II. I count 13 amendment requests for keeping most or all of the sources. there were about as many for changing the draft of Inspirations offered by the Study Commission (changes proposed, but not for the return of a statement for each source).

What I saw most common was the request to include “direct experience” “mystery and wonder” I appreciate #364 Karen Zindell’s brevity and content and particularly like the phrase “prophetic words and deeds”, though I defer to the SC structure. #277 Meta Thayer came up with a flowing way to include “earth-centered traditions and humanist teachings”

I followed #85 Becca Boerger most closely as her exploration and coalition was very comprehensive and closest overall what I was looking for in Inspirations- - I will be submitting an amendment based on her work (with all others in combination that retains the brevity and holistic prose of the SC Inspiration draft. I will submit that version on the same thread #85 so that others can follow the conversations leading up to the amendment.

I am grateful to the Study Commission, this has been a intense journey and a journey it will remain. In unity Scott.