#384 | Kathleen Adams | Add to Inspirations

Submission 384
Kathleen Adams
Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach (Long Beach, CA) 2224

What is your suggestion or idea?

Add to Inspirations

Section C-2.3. Inspirations.

Our experience of Creation, Nature, Wonder and the inherent
wisdom of each and all, we hold in respect in the mystery we navigate.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

Argument for this change:
The proposed Article 2 “dismisses” the inherent wisdom, wonder, mystery,
of creation and cancels it. I find nothing inspirational in the “reasonable” , “Logical”
Words of the proposed Article 2. Adding these words would put something into it
that is inspirational. We are born “wise”.
Nature has inspired humans for thousands of years more than “education”.
We should not put ancestors or others wisdom above our inherent wisdom or
natures wisdom and reason or intuition. The proposed Article 2 dismisses the
mystery of knowing truth without indoctrination. The Proposed Article 2 dismisses the knowing
of the newborn, the child, the “uneducated”, the open mind. To correct this “cancel”, the proposed addition
is requested to Section C-2.3. Inspirations.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Yes. People at our Church Echo or acknowledge Mystery Wonder and Direct Experience - this is missing. Some do not miss it, and asked if it was covered somewhere else in the body. I did not find it.

And before I posted, I see in the UUA process, there are many echoes in the recommendations for proposed article 2 changes posted that uphold this ““spark”” of life that makes our ““faith”” alive…and our proposed Article 2 bylaws are ““missing the spark””. Not acknowledging Mystery Wonder and personal experience is a cancel of what inspires us.