Introducing the GA Delegate Chat Team

My name is Denise Rimes, and I am the outgoing president at First Unitarian Universalist Church in Richmond, VA. I have attended General Assembly every year since 2006, and served for several years as the head teller during the pre-COVID years. This year is my third year facilitating the delegate chat team on ZOOM, who will serve to answer your questions and provide direction for delegates while participating online once GA begins on 6/21. There are six of us in total (2 onsite and 4 virtual), and we will strive to provide information and resources, as well as maintain covenantal boundaries during online discussions. The team looks forward to working with you and upholding our UU values!


Welcome! So great to have you on the team!

Happy to help! Carey asked me if I would keep an eye on the discussion board. I’ll do what I can, but please let me know if there’s something in particular you could use help with!

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Justine Sullivan here. I have also volunteered to help moderate conversations in this space. I am a UU minister, serving our congregation in San Diego, and I am a member of the UUA Board of Trustees, serving as a liaison to the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC). Prior to entering the ministry, I served as a district president (alongside of Denise Rimes) and as a Congregational consultant. I am also a Clinical Social Worker and trained mediator.


Hi Denise! Glad to know you’ll be on the team. This is my first GA in person. wow.
Question: while I saw the announcement Introducing the GA Delegate Chat Team, I’m wondering where we will find this space once GA begins on 6/21? will it be listed on discuss-uua-org? or will it be available in the Delegate Platform? Or?

Bek Wheeler, Newport News, VA

Actually, we will be virtual and managing the chat in the delegate ZOOM room. Even for onsite delegates, there are a couple of activities that are online only for ALL delegates, so ZOOM is our spot. And I believe the ZOOM link will be in the delegate portal. But would love to see you AT GA. I will be somewhere to either side of the stage at a table with a PC and a couple of other folks. Come say hello!

Totally cool! Have put in my calendar. Will love to see you and will stop by!

Couldn’t serve with a better person!!

Thank you much! I am Janine (she/hers). This is my first GA and first time as a delegate. Looking forward to this!