June 10th UUA Board meeting Packet

How do these updated documents change the information delegates have already received? If it does, did the delegates receive an email to alert them to any changes from material they already may have reviewed? I’m not a delegate, but am responsible to ensure the delegates of my congregation are informed.

As a delegate, I received an email with a link to the updated documents on the 12th. I’d imagine that keeping your congregation’s delegates updated would be just reminding them to check the email associated with their registration for info.

Great Question Connie!

All of the General Assembly updates that came out of the 6/10 Board meeting have been incorporated into the discussion site and UUA.org. Delegates were informed of this via email and updates in the delegate platform at delegate.uua.org.

I am struggling. The final agenda on this page is dated back in May. Business Agenda | General Assembly | UUA.org,
2024 Final Agenda.pdf (uua.org).

The one on this page is also may 20. Governance at General Assembly | UUA.org

I can’t find the board mtg version on the website. other than in the packet. And didn’t attend the meeting so don’t know if that was approved

ga2024_rev_final_agenda_06092024.pdf (uua.org)

Please give me a link to where I can find the latest agenda on the website.

Also, on discuss.uua.org for ga 2024, GA Business, I see AIWs, etc. but don’t see an agenda If I missed it, sorry. Please just let me know where it is by link. Thanks

The updates from the board meeting were incorporated into the final agenda that is dated May 20. We replace the original file to ensure everyone is accessing the most up to date version. The business items from the final agenda are posted here on the discussion site, but the full agenda is only found on uua.org: https://www.uua.org/files/2024-05/2024%20Final%20Agenda.pdf

Thanks. That makes sense to keep the file. In the future, please include revision dates when you add a revision. I kept looking at it and saw the old date and thought it was the wrong version. A simple, “May 20 with June 9 Board Revisions” would be clear to all.

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