FInding the Pro and Con queues?

Sorry to ask such a mundane question, but where do we find the pro and con lines?

in Zoom, they should be breakout rooms that you can enter.

How does one find the Zoom? I can’t find it in the delegate platform.

I’m on Youtube – shouldn’t it be available on both platforms?

Hi Michael – when you go to the platform you can view the sessions either on Youtube or Zoom. I’m not an official support person though. I entered on Youtube for now

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I don’t think it is technically possible and even if it was the YouTube stream is available to anyone. The Zoom room has much more limited access - you can only get the link from the delegate platform.

Right – that’s what I was asking: from the Delegate platform, how do I enter the “pro” and “con” lines… :slight_smile:

If you are a delegate, join the Delegate Zoom meeting (link found in the delegate platform: This Zoom meeting is only available to delegates.

When the business item you want to discuss has been introduced type “Pro” or “Con” in the Zoom chat and a teller will move you to the appropriate breakout room.

Once you are in the breakout room you can indicate if you want to use progressive stack or not. Progressive stack is a technique used to give Black, Indigenous, People of Color, disabled, fat, transgender or nonbinary, or delegates with otherwise marginalized identities a greater chance to speak.

There will be tellers in the breakouts providing instructions and information as well as keeping everyone informed of the speaking order and who’s up next.

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IInstead of typing into the Chat, can’t you just click on “More” in the bottom row on the screen and select Breakout Rooms, which then gives you a choice of entering the Pro or Con rooms?

We tried that with General Session II and the sudden arrival of delegates made the process difficult for the tellers to manage. To ensure we are correctly getting delegates into the speaking list and making sure delegates are in the correct room, tellers will revert back to manually moving delegates to the Pro & Con rooms.

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