General Session IV (4)?

I missed some of Saturday’s session due to work and have been wanting to rewatch. I do understand that there were some dramatic/controversial moments. Im curious if the tine between the session and posting is to allow for editing or removal of some of those items. I feel like they should be posted as broadcasted. Any updates on availability or reasoning behind the unavailability?


In my experience, nothing is edited. The delay is in processing to prepare it for posting.

I think they’ll are up now here General Assembly 2023 Public Video |

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I missed Session IV, where I understand the young people presenting the business resolution protested on the stage, and an announcement was made about the termination (or placing on leave) of a staff member associated with this group. I also feel that this session needs to be posted unedited as a matter of public record. It has stil not been posted to this site:

General Session IV |

If anyone took video clips of what happened on their phone, I am interested to see them. After these GA-related threads close in a few hours, you can find me through this lay-led group created to discuss Article II, GA, etc., which will remain open for a couple more weeks (and remain viewable after it is suspended).

Blue Boat Passengers: Info & Constructive Discussion re Article II, etc. | Announcement: This group will soon be suspended | Facebook

generally for captioning, etc.

Every other session is available for viewing, even Session V which was the following day. It was available as soon as the event was over. I don’t understand why Session IV isn’t similarly available.

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fair enough; that is disturbing
You might write to or

@Sally and @Darbi , maybe they need to consult with attorneys before posting that session (edited or unedited).