Where are Voting Results

Where do we find the voting results from General Session II ?

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Came to ask similar question. I cannot remember when they said the results would post. My understanding is that the delegate platform will tell us the results.

The results will be announced by the Secretary at the beginning of the next General Session today at 2:30 pm and made public on the voting platform after that.


Thanks for the info, Abhi. Do you know if that will be the practice for the remainder of this year’s votes–no report on voting until the next session begins? Thanks.

Yes, but WHERE on the platform? It is now after the announcements, but I do not see the votes in the delegate platform.

I just found this in the chat. And that DOES have the results

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Thank you for your hard work, Bek.

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Thank you so much. I am deeply grateful that the wording from Equity-Inherently Worthy can be considered in the broader A2 discernment. What a journey!


Go to Access Your Ballot, then to Home.

When I do that I get a message.

Your vote has been recorded! Printable receipts will be available after the election. To get your receipt paren when available click on the voting link and return to the voting system.


I guess I should contact It support

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Voting results are announced the following General Session and made available on https://uua.simplyvoting.com/ shortly afterwards.

This is a secure voting system so the team managing that system does not have the ability to impersonate users. However we have partnered with a delegate and are getting a better understanding of what’s going on and are working on making the printable receipts available (they currently only show when there is a ballot that you haven’t submitted).

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AS always, thank you, Larry! Go, tech team!

A suggestion, perhaps for future GA sessions: Since the various propositions being considered and voted on have varying levels of support required to pass (e.g., some are majority, some require two-thirds, some need three-quarters), it would useful to add to the results being reported an indication of whether the measure was passed or adopted in addition to the vote counts and percentage statistics. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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