Endorsing amendments to Article II Revision?

I have been looking to find the amendments for the pre-GA miniassemblies. Now I see that delegates are being asked to support Article II amendments, and I have no easy way to find them. Can anyone help with this?
(I seem to be either the slow learner in the group or the one most willing to ask for help! Thanks, all!)

I am trying to find out how to submit an amendment to Article 2 proposal and see what amendments have been submitted. Any info?

Amendments are submitted through the delegate portal. This site is full of amendments; I have not figured out which we will be discussing at the miniassembly on Saturday.

All of the submitted prioritized Article II amendments are being reviewed by the UUA Board of Trustees. Once those have been reviewed and approved, they’ll be published here on the discuss.uua.org. Given the number of submissions, we are not providing an estimate of when we’ll get these posted.

The prioritized submission deadline has passed, but delegates can continue to submit amendments via the submission form found on the delegate platform: delegate.uua.org.


I looked and looked and could not find the submission form last night on the delegate platform! Can you help?

Apologies, it looks like the link was taken down when we updated the platform last night and removed reference to the form since the prioritized amendment deadline had passed. We’ll get the form updated and a link added back by tomorrow (6/7).

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Can you also make sure the deadline for prioritized Article II amendments is extended?
Maybe to 6/8 - and notify delegates?

PS -
I was trying to submit an amendment last night before midnight (and had hoped to be able to view amendments already submitted by delegates to avoid duplication) when I could not find the form.
I thought the deadline was midnight on June 5th for prioritized amendments?

@Margie – Go ahead and submit your proposed amendment and we’ll add it to the prioritized queue. The link to the amendment form is in the delegate platform under the Article II Mini Assembly Event listing.

We’re looking at ways to make submissions more transparent in the future to increase collaboration and reduce duplications while also keeping things secure.

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THanks - Is there any way to view the recent amendment submissions by delegates?

If anyone is looking for an accessible SUPPORT FORM, here’s one in google docs. SAVE AS COPY, then tailor it to your own amendment: Delegate support for XXX Amendment (#XXX)-SAVE AS COPY - Google Docs

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We need to be able to see all the amendments gathered in one place, without a lot of discussion. What about creating a new area here, similar to this Q&A section, that lists each submitted amendment but does not allow replies? I am not sure what security concerns there might be with that.

@Sally36 , can you clarify? Do you meanyou are asking to see a separate listing of all 88 amendments received by the priority deadline BEFORE they are posted up as prioritized?

Per @KBurek : “There was a question about letting people know when we will announce the priority amendments. We’re starting our review of the 88 amendments that made the priority deadline now. We have a tentative date of June 14, to release the prioritized amendments.”

(Not sure if this is posted elsewhere on this Discuss site, but that is copied and pasted from a response on the Blue Boat Passengers group)

If that was to me, as I think it was, I would like to see such a list, as it would give me more time to read through the 88 amendments and start thinking about which I would support and how strongly. As we get closer to GA, time gets tighter (especially for those who are travelling). Unless the Board is going to edit or remove some of the 88 (which is not my understanding, but maybe I am wrong), it would be helpful to have the list as early as possible. If they will be editing, eliminating, or accepting without a vote, then I am certainly content to wait.

Do you mean know ahead of time which the 88 are so you can support as a delegate? Or see the prioritized list well before GA so you can think about your actual vote as a delegate? I’ve shared a couple places that we recently got this information from @KBurek about an estimation for when the prioritization list will be posted: “There was a question about letting people know when we will announce the priority amendments. We’re starting our review of the 88 amendments that made the priority deadline now. We have a tentative date of June 14, to release the prioritized amendments.”

If your question was the former, you might need to tag Kathy Burek or Charles DuMond specifically to get an answer. It sounded to me like the prioritization posted list will be the first time that we see which are the 88 amendments and will see amendments in their final form without having to wade through chat on the threads where they are posted now to find this final language.

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I don’t know when they will be posted.

I submitted my amendment online - hopefully for priority consideration:

10 Section C-2.2. Values and Covenant.

11 As Unitarian Universalists, we covenant, congregation-to-congregation and through our
12 association, to support [and assist] one another in our ministries. [We draw from our heritages of
13 freedom, reason, hope, and courage, building on the foundation of love.]

14 Love is living our shared values through action. We model Beloved Community through peace, compassion and dignity for all beings. [is the power that holds us together and is at the center of our shared values.] We are

15 accountable to one another for doing this [the] work [of living our shared values through the spiritual
16 discipline of Love].

17 Inseparable from one another, our [these] shared values are:

Thank you,
Marjorie Storch
Delegate ID: 3-6625-11310

[Mine wasn’t a question to you from me, just trying to understand if @Sally is asking for a list of the 88 amendments to be posted before they are listed as Priority or not.]

Once the “Delegate support for XXX Amendment” document is generated, and names are collected, where should it be submitted? What is the deadline? Or can the link be forwarded to some GA official for collection and consideration?

Or was this announced elsewhere?