Are there amendments to the Rules of Procedure posted?

The miniassembly is tomorrow evening; have there been officially proposed amendments? Will they be visible before the miniassembly? Was there a deadline for making such proposals, or is it still possible to do so at or before 7 p.m. EDT tomorrow, June 5th?

Sally, There have been proposed amendments; you commented on the one relating to the procedural mic. The deadline for all proposed amendments, other than for Article II, was June 1. The Article II deadline was 11:59 pm on June 4.

Thanks, it is hard to understand on these boards what is an officially proposed amendment and what is commentary or amendments to be proposed at some point. I hope that there is a clear listing of only formally proposed, to be discussed, amendments somewhere without all the other equally important discussion items, just for easier participation in the miniassembly.

Here’s a link directly to that amendment for those not finding it: Proposed Amendments to the UUA General Assembly 2023 Rules of Procedure - #2 by Poster1

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Hi, Larry! Thanks for helping us figure this out. Will a recording of the mini assembly be availability for folks who missed the rules of procedure mini assembly, but want to be informed before voting? Thanks!

They told us that the recording would be available tomorrow morning, but I don’t know that they said where. I am unsure if the chat will be included; it was not possible to save it as usual in zoom meetings, and the question was asked, but they did not seem to have planned one way or the other on that…

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Yes: 2023 Mini Assembly: Rules of Procedure on Vimeo

We’ll continue to review and revise our Zoom security settings that are in place to ensure a safe meeting. Restricting participants from saving chat was done to ensure conversations are not taken out of context when viewed alone without context from the recording.

With the exception of the Q&A channel only UUA staff can post topics, so any topic posted would be an official proposal or update to GA Business. Generally these will show up as being from @Poster1 or @system.

If that is the case, I think I have seen recordings that did include the chat alongside it, which would be good. (It may have been a replay of a Facebook livestream? Or I may be way off base.)