Vote on Proposed Amendment to Procedural Rules?

Don’t we have to vote on the proposed amendment to the procedural rules? This proposal would allow the sponsor of an amendment 90 seconds at the end of the discussion to respond, recap, etc. It looks as if we’re moving directly to a vote on the rules of procedure as a whole, but I would think that proposed amendment has to be voted on first.


The amendment was incorporated by the Board into the rules already.

Thanks for the info. I thought the delegates had to vote on it and approve it by 4/5. Maybe there’s a procedure that allows the Board to take that action? Anyway, thanks for responding.

The Board can vote to incorporate any amendments and because this received so much support at the mini-assembly, we decided to make the change. If the board had not made the incorporation, then it would have been put before the General Assembly for a vote which would require 4/5ths to approve.


FOlks where’s the place to vote on the rules? We have until 330 PM ET

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Thanks so much for asking this. I thought I was crazy. Don’t have the answer tho. Much confusion!

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I think we’re not in the delegate platform but in the discussion platform. At least I hope that’s what the problem is.

Thank you for this! I was very confused.

Access ballots is crashing. 210 pm.

you are very welcome, it is so confusing and now I"m getting the dreaded 404 I guess because so many of us are trying to vote at the same time. More time to check email!

I believe we have to vote on the rules before 330 PM ET. I just voted. There is another vote on candidate which I would prefer to research longer; does anyone know by when we have to vote on the candidates?

Votes to elect candidates must be in by the time polls close on June 22 at 11am ET / 10am CT / 9am MT / 8am PT.

Do you mean about the proposed amendment to the procedural rules? Apparently the UUA Board has the power just to incorporate the Amendment, and they diid so.

As was explained: the amendment to the procedural rules was voted on during a mini-assembly and received resounding support. Therefore, it was already incorporated into the rules - not merely added at the whim of the Board.

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try the ballot link on the top center of the delegate site

@edecoux, I was also expecting us to vote on that amendment today and was confused as to why we were not. I thought I had been following along closely, but I missed that the amendment had already been incorporated by the board.

All three amendments that receiving enough support during the mini-assemblies to be considered during General Assembly were incorporated by the board. This includes the two amendments related to the business resolution being discussed tomorrow (Friday 6/20).

Regarding the issue the with the ballot error message-- this was an error introduced by my team while trying to improve the user experience by making the ballots open in a new window (so delegates didn’t have to log back into the delegate platform). This wasn’t an issue with server capacity.

All delegate business is conducted through to delegate platform ( as this is how we validate users are credentialed and authorized to vote.