Article II Amendment Process

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Have members of the Commission given their views on whether they approve of any of these four amendments. At GA last year, members let delegates know which amendments they approved of and which they opposed.


Note that updates in this thread were made by edits to the original post. I.e., “Commenting is now live” did not happen in November 2023, but on February 2, the day after the deadline to submit this year’s amendments.

I believe more time is needed at GA for discussion of amendments (time was too short last year in my opinion).

In addition to adding significantly more time for discussion, I suggest delegates submit an amendment for the Rules of Procedure allowing the author of each amendment to speak again after the Pro and Con speakers are heard. This allows them to clarify any points that are raised, and if outright errors happen (as did last year), these can be corrected.

Delegates have just two days(ETA: Just ONE day left now) to submit amendments, per the agenda:

“Each delegate may submit no more than one amendment for each of the regular business items, inclusive of amendments for the Rules of Procedure, the Bylaw Amendment, and the Business Resolution. Amendments for these items must be submitted by 11:00 pm ET on May 29, 2024."

The deadline for Rules of Procedure amendments is today. Wednesday, May 29th.