Mini-Assembly Results

Over 200 delegates participated in the mini-assembly on Saturday. Of the five proposed amendments discussed, four reached the required threshold to move forward in the process. View the full results of the mini-assembly vote (and future votes) at

Following the mini-assembly, the board met and incorporated the following amendments:

  • Proposed Amendment #1 - Add text “to appoint a task group composed…”
  • Proposed Amendment #2 - Add text “and our long-established institutional experience…”
  • Proposed Amendment #5 - Add text “If more than three AIWs are eligible…”

Additionally, Proposed Amendment #3 - Add text “A progress report of the UUA Bylaw Review…” will be discussed and voted on during Thursday’s General Session during General Assembly.

Proposed Amendment #4 - Add text “ECPC sanctions shall not apply…” did not receive sufficient support so will not advance.

Thanks, Larry! Oops, that is too short a reply; guess we have to gush a bit, not simply say thanks! dratted algorithms!