#413 | Melissa Egbertson | Emphasize Gratitude

Submission 413
Melissa Egbertson
BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Warrington, PA) 7425

What is your suggestion or idea?

Title: More emphasis on the transcendent power of GRATITUDE

Suggested text:
Gratitude: We are grateful for our lives and the gifts that we have received. We cherish our beautiful world. We seek to create a world where all can benefit from its beauty and abundance.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

An important religious practice across many faiths and traditions is the recognition of what we can be grateful for. Focusing and naming those things brings people comfort and hope in all stages / experiences.

As we exercise our ability to feel gratitude, we gain perspective on our existence and the experiences of others. A focus on gratitude can help capture the transcendent experience that people crave in a religion. It adds depth and emotion to both our individual practice and our communal experience of religion.

I have used the words ““lives”” and ““gifts”” to encompass broadly things to be grateful for. ““Lives”” reflects the value of the experience of living. ““Gifts”” recognizes we inherit good things independently of earning them.

If other text can capture what I have said in a simple and powerful way I am happy to hear about it.

Bringing Gratitude to the forefront of our religious practices can help energize our actions in service and social justice values.

Gratitude could be a separate value or part of another value. I think it is important enough that it should be a value of its own. I think a lack of emphasis on practicing gratitude leaves newcomers to our faith with a sense of something lacking.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?


I love this idea. I felt uplifted and calmed just reading it.

One very positive effect of the emphasis on gratitude is that it provides some balance to the overall revolutionary thrust of the covenants. Yes, we want to change the world. But we don’t want to change everything. Yes, there is much that is wrong with our society. But there is also much that is going well. It would serve us to focus on the positive from time to time and “gratitude” is a good way of promoting that.

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