#99 | Sara Sullivan | Change "hope" to "abundance"

Submission 99
Sara Sullivan
University UU Fellowship, Inc. (Orlando, FL) 2920

What is your suggestion or idea?

Amendment to ““Generosity”” proposed text:
We share our resources, compassion, and faith with a spirit of gratitude and abundance.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

The word is Generosity, but the proposed sentence is ““We cultivate a spirit of gratitude and hope.”” Neither gratitude nor hope are clearly linked to generosity, so the sentence does not support or clarify ““gratitude”” at all. The amendment is focused on elaborating on the UU interpretation of gratitude.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Yes. Our congregation has held three separate meetings to discuss the proposals, with about 45 people attending at least one of the meetings. I brought up this idea to change the ““generosity”” wording in two of those meetings. People were very positive about changing the sentence to be more specifically related to generosity.


I had the same concern about the proposed sentence not relating to the value it is supposed to describe. I like your solution!

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+1. I shared your concern. I like your solution.

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Your proposed wording is clearer and I support it. As suggested in #316, the title word “Service” instead of “Generosity” might better summarize the intent,.