A2 GA 2024 outcome possibilities

Can someone who actually understands the UUA bylaws and A2SC clarify the possible vote outcomes and year time lines on A2?

A2 doesn’t get the votes to pass GA 2024? Do congregations get to discuss it and vote on the same A2 package in 2027 or 2028? We have to go through same process with more amendment discussion two more GAs? Whole package get scraped and we start over when?

A2 passes GA 2024 and then?


I don’t think the bylaws state we need to start from scratch and it is not indicated by the AII comm. timeline. I think we can refine and vote in 2026.

The parliamentarian could answer. Please ask the parliamentarian to decide as they have the last word.

Here are excerpts:

From AII commission timeline.
Article II Study and Amendment Process | UUA.org

Final approval of the Article II proposal requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the 2024 General Assembly to adopted the revision as the new Article II of the UUA bylaws. If either 2023 or 2024 General Assembly votes fails, the process ends and a similar proposal cannot be considered for two years.

From UUA bylaws: uua_bylaws_05222023.pdf

*(5) If the Article II proposal does not receive the requisite 1722 *
*approval at the General Assembly following the 1723 *
*completion of the study process described in subsection 1724 *
*(c)(3)(iv) or subsection (c)(4), above, neither the proposal 1725 *
*nor another proposal that is substantively similar shall be 1726 *
*placed on the agenda of the next regular General 1727 *

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Leilani, thanks for your input and help clarifying this. I’m not a delegate so don’t get to vote. If I did, I would likely vote NO, if 2026 we can vote gain. 2028 probably yes. Anyway, just want to say I appreciate your insights. Nice discussing with you.

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I have written to modsquad, but that is a private work address, not accepting outside e-mails. I just wrote to gaonlinesupport in hopes that they would forward to either moderators or parliamentarian. I will watch for replies.

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I got this reply from gaonlinesupport:

Hi Sally,
This is the response I received from forwarding the message on - “If the Article II proposal does not pass the bylaws specify that it will not come back for at least two years.”> Blockquote

As this is a nonreply, I am sending the following:

Thanks—I appreciate your efforts; unfortunately, that is pretty much a nonresponse–that we knew by reading the by-laws; it tells us what can’t happen, not what can if folks want to keep working on improvements.

Latest info, sent to the board contact address:

Hi, Board! We have read the by-laws and know what CAN’T happen, we want to know what CAN happen—can we continue on discuss.uua.org through sometime in 2026 and bring back a version of the Article II revision that has broader consensus? Or must we start from scratch?