Proposed Amendment #1 - Add text “to appoint a task group composed…”

Update 6/14: The board incorporated this amendment

Proposer: Mac Goekler, UUs of Southern Delaware, Lewes DE

Text of Amendment to Business Resolution #1:

Therefore the 2022 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association calls on the UUA Board of Trustees to appoint a task group composed of both UUA board members, UUA staff, and UUs who are non-board or staff members to conduct a thorough review and rewrite of the UUA Bylaws. This review should involve stakeholders in collaborative discernment and conversation about considered changes. These new bylaws should create a governance system that supports the UUA in accountably achieving its mission and aspirations consistent with our core values.

Rationale: The board has many responsibilities and this is a huge task. There are other UUs with the experience and ability who could help with this task. Such people would bring different perspectives and insights into the process.

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I am opposed to this amendment.

  • the Board already has a writing team that includes the “stakeholders” as identified in the amendment. The Board is our elected body, and they are tasked with doing this work. There will be plenty of accountability checks along the way. This amendment feels like a way to hamstring them.
  • the term “stakeholders” is presumed to be defined, in the amendment, by position within our association (staff, board, and non-staff/non-board UUs). I am concerned about this narrow definition of stakeholders, because they could be defined any number of ways, not just the one proposed. If we were to specify who the stakeholders are in this process, I think the question needs far greater input that what was given in 10 minutes during mini-assembly.
  • what is a “task group?” Does that language fit in our bylaws and processes? What does it mean, legally, to the UUA?
  • the amendment says “both” and then goes on to list three distinct groups.
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I am also opposed to this amendment. I see the intention, but the amendment only serves to micro-manage the board’s work. The board needs flexibility to do its work. If we don’t trust who’s on the board, we need to vote in people we do trust.
– Juan Carlos Flores, UU Church of Long Beach, CA


This amendment is an improvement. Yet it could be even stronger. As it is now, the non-Board and staff members could still be chosen to reflect the woke mindset of the current staff and Board. We need good bylaw writers who reflect the commitment to our 7 principles of traditional UUs.

The language and tone of your comments are out of covenant with what you agreed upon when registering to be a representative delegate to this body. I ask that you consider your words carefully

Thank you


I assume you are referring to Dick’s use of “woke mindset” in a perjorative manner. I agree. It is an unnecessary personal attack. I hope you do not find the rest objectionable. He is simply stating his opinion, which is shared by a small but growing number of other UUs. Suppressing such opinions will simply cause them to grow.


This is a good amendment.

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The Business resolution amended by this proposed amendment received significant support and was adopted by the General Assembly. Discussion is now closed.