Will There Be an Updated Business Agenda?

I have the final business agenda dated in May. Is there an agenda anywhere that is kept current with details as decisions are made? For example: one rule amendment passed mini-assembly and it will be added. Another didn’t and won’t be added. Also, I see multiple AIWs on discuss.uua.org. Will they all be put on the agenda? Or like A-II amendments not all on discuss.uua.org will be approved.

The board will provide an updated agenda one week prior to the start of General Assembly (this June 12/13).

This updated agenda will include any proposed amendments from the Mini-Assemblies that received sufficient support (50%+), unless the amendment is withdrawn by the initial delegate who submitted it. The Board of Trustees may choose to incorporate these amendments.

For further details see the UUA Bylaws Rule 4.18.5

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Thank you very much!