Events before June 21st?

Is there a place on the Whova application that lists events that happen before the offiical opening on Wed., June 21st? AI is suggesting that I look at the “Submitting Amendments” topic, but I am specifically looking for dates and times of preGA events, such as the miniassemblies for the Rules of Procedure and the Business Resolution on Divestment. I guess I will check the delegate portal. . . .are these open only to delegates? That is much less democratic than in past GAs, when in-person miniassemblies were open to all attendees to learn about and I think even participate in discussion about things that would later be discussed and voted upon at the general business/plenary sessions.

This page on the UUA website (not the delegate portal) has the dates/times for Mini-Assemblies: Governance at General Assembly |

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Thanks, I had rolled right over them!