Amendment 33 to Article II - Proposed by Cynthia Landrum

Bold underlining indicate insertion ; [brackets indicate deletion.]

17: Inseparable from one another, these shared values are:
[Petal colors on graphic]

Change the graphic as follows:
Change the colors of the outstretched arms & petals to:

Red (hex code: #FF1E26)
Orange (hex code: #FF8D00)
Yellow (hex code:#F3CD50)
Green (hex code: #028121)
Blue (hex code: #004CFF)
Purple (hex code: #770088)

Rotate the colors as described in proposed lines 20-22 below.

18 Image Description: This image is of a chalice with an overlay of the word love over the flame,
19 with six outstretched arms that create a circle around each of the core values and form a six
20 petal flower shape. Each arm is a different color and clockwise they are: Interdependence
21 ([Orange]Green), Equity ([Red]Yellow), Transformation ([Purple]Orange), Pluralism ([Dark Blue]Red), Generosity ([Teal]Purple), and
22 Justice ([Yellow]Blue).

Please note: Because it is hard to use the bracket/underline method to make changes to a graphic, instructions that describe the intent of the amendment but are not words to be inserted into the bylaws are in italics. It is not the intention to insert the word “Red” in line seventeen, but the color red, and so forth.

On line 21, the “Dark Blue)” is missing an opening parentheses, so please note that it has been added and underlined.



Our Principles have long been associated with a rainbow in many aspects. People are already starting to see the “petals” of this graphic as a rainbow flower, and using rainbow-petaled flowers and pinwheels in worship. Changing the colors to the colors traditionally associated with the Pride flag (with the exception of using the current yellow color which is darker for visibility), our values graphic will have several advantages: (1) it will carry forward this historic connection with the principles, (2) it will show our commitment to LGBTQ+ people reflected in the graphic, (3) it will be more easily reproducible, even electronically, (4) it will be easier to find physical objects that can represent the graphic in our sanctuaries and RE classrooms, (5) it will be easier for children, youth and adults to make their own version of the graphic such as in religious education, (6) the colors are easier to discern for color-blind people, whereas the blue and teal are hard for many people to currently tell apart, and (7) the colors will not become dated as quickly as might happen with the less traditional range of colors proposed.

The rationale for the rotation of the colors on the graphic is two-fold. First, green is a color associated with our important justice goal of addressing climate change, reflected in our Value of Interdependence. Secondly, if the Generosity petal were changed to green, that would make the association of Generosity with only money a strong association, which might be a negative association to many people coming into Unitarian Universalism and encountering the values as an introduction to our faith.

This Amendment was a combination of various amendments proposed in April, and was discussed with a team of people from the May workshop, and represents a combination of ideas and agreement from multiple people.


I support this color change, but I still am not sure that an image even belongs in the bylaws!

(And I know my congregation still objects to the word “Love” being at the center of the graphic.)

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I am not the right person to create this. Perhaps someone who works in graphical design could post a fixed version.
As best as I can copy and paste, here is the proposed image:

And this is my not-a-professional-graphic-designer attempt to show what the proposed amendment would be:

I want the t-shirt already


I agree with this amendment.


I support this, if a graphic is included in the by laws, I do think it’s an improvement. What would be a good next step an amendment gets passed that adds a petal?

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I LOVE the idea of actually having a rainbow and have been puzzled why it wasn’t already there. I also would love some kind of web-magician who could figure out code that every time someone clicked on the UUA Bylaws and/or this graphic on the UUA website that it would briefly spin like the google circle/wheel of fortune/ price is right wheels do and then slow down and words and colors would match up ‘randomly’ I hope we get to discuss this at GA.

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Maybe a pearly gray that represents those colors not included and beyond our range of vision?

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Graphics are nice for posters but do not belong as part of bylaws.

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I do not believe there is any amendment to remove the graphic, aside from those that remove the values entirely…


Thank you so much for doing this – that was very helpful! It was beyond my graphics capability to do this without a lot of time spent, so your work is very appreciated. However, I put the green with interdependence, so you’ve got the wrong words with at least some of the colors. But the colors you’re showing are right on!

I kind of agree, and originally pushed for removing the graphic entirely, but there was more consensus in the May meeting around this, I felt.

Like the rainbow flags have added brown and black, maybe those colors?


I enthusiastically endorse including Green and Blue in place of Teal and Dark Blue. Members of my congregation want green to represent Interdependence.
My sympathy with those who object to including a graphic in the bylaws at all increases daily. We can develop and adopt a graphic, but it does not belong in bylaws.
Is this graphic intended to replace the flaming chalice?

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I support this amendment. The person who attempted to draw it - even if the colors are not exactly right - demonstrated how much better it looks with the popping colors. I was convinced to keep the graphic in the bylaws because it is an accessible form of expression.

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Hi Emily, actually Amendment 24 does remove the graphic but keeps the values.

You’re welcome, and oops! I didn’t read the amendment as carefully as I should have. I missed that you wanted to swap out “evolution” for “transformation.” I see a point in that: I think we are not actually hoping for evolution. I agree we are hoping for transformation. Evolution starts with random variation. It proceeds by some variants going extinct. I think we are hoping for something more thoughtful and intentional than that.

For what you’re saying, I see two options:

Option 1. Rearrange the values in a new order
Clockwise from top would be:
pluralism → transformation → equity → interdependence → justice → generosity.

That would naturally create pairs on opposite sides:

Option 2. Rearrange the colors and keep the current order which is
equity → interdependence → justice → transformation → pluralism → generosity

I can’t rearrange the colors for you. I’m not mentally flexible that way: for me, the colors have to match Roy G. Biv. Below is what I get if I rearrange the values:
Values v3

Note re amendments that weren’t prioritized or presented: This forum is closing for comment tomorrow, but our lay-led public Facebook group, Blue Boat Passengers, will remain open for another few weeks for commenting (and still be viewable after that). Anyone who wants to find others to coordinate about the 15-congregation amendment process may use the group to do so while it remains open. There’s now a specific post for this in the group (“A post for those wishing to do the 15-congregation amendment process to coordinate”). Please read both the rules and the pinned post before posting or commenting there.