#5 | Lee Pardee | Color Change

Submission 5
Lee Pardee
First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY) 6211

What is your suggestion or idea?

(Orange), Equity (Red), Transformation (Purple), Pluralism (Dark Blue),
Generosity (Teal), and Justice (Yellow).

I suggest that the colors be red, orange, yellow, green (instead of teal), blue (indigo?), and purple. The purple currently being used looks gray to me. I suggest a lighter hue.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

My reasons are: 1) Green is my favorite color :), 2) I think using the standard six colors of the rainbow works better visually and is a good reason to choose these colors, 3) the teal and blue colors are too similar to each other, and 4) the purple that has been chosen doesn’t read as purple to me.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Not really - I’ve mentioned it to one person, I think.

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I also think that the colors should be modified. Green definitely needs to be in there instead of teal. It’s the color I associate with our environment and tending to our earth. I also agree that using the standard color of the rainbow works better visually, is a subtle nod to the use in the principles and to LGBTQ work. I also agree that the teal and the blue look too similar. Now that Lee has pointed it out, I see that he is correct about purple not reading as purple. I have discussed this with a few members of our congregation. There is support for keeping the rainbow colors. Apparently 6 is actually more in line with the traditional rainbow. A past RE director mentioned that is had been difficult to find rainbows with 7 colors - 6 much easier.

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I submitted an amendment to turn teal to green also. I agree that a rainbow works better visually, and that the blues are two close together. I would support also your purple change, as when I made slides about the Values, and made a slide where I used the colors from the image to color-code the principles as to where they appear, some people thought I hadn’t included the purple because it was so grey that it didn’t stand out. I think if we moved from these more muted colors to a traditional rainbow of colors it would work better.

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