#48 | Judith Barisonzi | Change "central" to "foundation"

Submission 48
Judith Barisonzi
Blue Hills UU Fellowship (Rice Lake, WI) 8426

What is your suggestion or idea?

My proposal concerns Section C-2.5, Freedom of Belief. I propose eliminating the words ““are central to”” in the phrase ““are central to our Unitarian Universalist heritage”” and inserting the words ““are the essential foundation of.””

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

It might seem that these two sets of words say the same thing, but they don’t. The concept of being ““central to”” our heritage is vague and confers no obligation, promises no right. In fact, freedom of belief is indeed ““essential”” to the concepts of free religious community and liberal religion that have always been the basis of both Unitarianism and Universalism and that will, I hope, continue to be its foundation. This right must be firmly stated in our Bylaws.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

My congregation has intensively discussed the proposed revisions to Article II. We have not yet examined specific suggestions for amendment. I have discussed all the ideas I have presented in my proposed amendments with members of our Executive Board and presented them to the congregation as a whole at numerous services and discussions over the approximately 15 years in which I have been a member of my fellowship.

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