#195 | Peter T. Richardson | Grammer & Stylistic Changes

Submission 195
Peter T. Richardson
First Universalist Church, Rockland, ME

What is your suggestion or idea?

Under PLURALISM, delete first sentence and replace with:

We celebrate our diversity in culture, philosophy, experience. We embrace our differences and commonalities with love, curiosity, and respect.

Move the last sentence forward, as above.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

The ““We covenant. . .”” sentences should be at the end of each value statement.

I substituted ““philosophy”” for ““theology.”” The small ““t”” does NOT change the meaning of the word. Use of it excludes half or more of our UU members. It is a bad habit, mostly by my ministerial colleagues.

I also dropped the word ““sacred”” as it is a tricky word if not accompanied with a clear definition or understanding of its intended meaning by the user.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Often, wherever I happen to be.

In the case of putting ““We covenant”” at the end of each value statement, it will strengthen the impact of the whole document, and lend itself stylistically to using the whole 6 values as a Responsive Reading in our worship.