Amendment 92 to Article II: Proposed by Robert Murphy

Bold underlining indicate insertion ; [brackets indicate deletion.]

Lines 34, 35, 36

ACCOUNTABILITY: Future generations will hold the Unitarian Universalist Association accountable for its actions. We promise be wise stewards for the next seven generations and beyond.

(This proposed language for Accountability replaces all of the proposed language for Transformation.)

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Accountability has often been mentioned in Article II discussions. Accountability is important in the 8th Principle discussion. Question: To who or what are the Unitarian Universalists accountable?

This proposed Amendment to Article II emphasizes the importance of accountability in the UUA’s statement of values. It replaces the proposed statement about “Transformation.”

Transformation is important and inevitable. Change happens. However, “transformation” isn’t a value. Some transformation is good and some transformation should be questioned.

Climate change has transformed life on planet Earth but few people applaud. If I’m diagnosed with terminal cancer, I can expect transformation, but I won’t look forward to the experience. Political parties in Europe, North America, and in other places, have recently been “transformed” and fascism is again on the horizon. What kind of world do Unitarian Universalists want?

What’s needed in our religious statement about values is an emphasis on accountability, stewardship, and responsible behavior. This isn’t a concern for one generation. It’s a concern for every generation. Like the Native Americans, we need to acknowledge, repeatedly, that we’re part of something that is larger than ourselves. In the midst of “transformation,” we need to celebrate good behavior. “Transformation” is inevitable. How do we proceed in the right way?

Indigenous people ask us to think about the next seven generations and beyond. How do we become good ancestors? How do we move beyond individualism and the present moment into a better understanding of community justice? Note the emphasis on “we.” Article II is a statement for a religious organization that brings different individuals together in one experience.

Vote “yes” in support of Accountability. It’s needed.

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I understand that this site will be locked today. Our lay-led public Facebook group, Blue Boat Passengers, created for discussing Article II and GA, will remain open for commenting a couple weeks longer (and still be visible for viewing as a public record afterwards).
Blue Boat Passengers: Info & Constructive Discussion re Article II, etc. | Announcement: This group will soon be suspended | Facebook

Anyone who wishes to use the Blue Boat Passengers group for finding each other and coordinating to do the 15-congregation amendment process may do so while the group remains open (please read pinned post and follow group rules).

Here are some comments about the 15-congregation amendment process, from Donald Wilson, who used to be on the GA Planning Committee:

"“Unlike how the amendment process was run for this GA (ie at the discretion of the moderators and board), the process you’ve mentioned is bylaw and subject to little to no interpretation. I wouldn’t wait however. You need to get the petition from the UUA Board Secretary in the next couple weeks, and you have to have it turned Into the Board before February 1st.”