#64 | Robert Murphy | Accountability Section

Submission 64
Robert Murphy
Tarpon Springs. Florida

What is your suggestion or idea?

DELETE: The title ““Transformation”” and all of the text included in this section of the proposal should be deleted.

NEW TEXT PROPOSED: New title ““Accountability.”” What follows is the proposed text for this section under the title ““Accountability.””

““The moral values that we affirm are timeless. In the midst of change. we will work with others to create healthy communities that are just, democratic, sustainable, and peaceful. We promise to be wise stewards for the next generations and beyond. Future generations will hold the Unitarian Universalist Association accountable for its actions.””

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

The Study Commission says: ““We adapt to the changing world.”” This is not a statement of values. The Unitarian Universalist Association needs a clear statement that tells readers what the Association wants in a changing world. Because some change is undesirable and contrary to our principles.

The proposed statement presents timeless values. Our understanding of accountability is explained. The stewardship concept is introduced. Future generations will hold our Association responsible for its actions.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

This proposal has been discussed with congregations in Florida, with the Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community, and with other groups that are concerned about the rise of racism, religious nationalism, and ““semi-fascism.”” Some of the political and cultural changes that are being proposed for the United States are oppressive.


I hear this comment or suggestion as the community has a “blind spot”. Transformation upholds “Growing & Developing”. To not have that as a value, puts our faith at risk for stagnation and being stuck in a rut. This is why the transformation is important. It is understandable if the congregation or individuals are not interested in growth or transformation at the stage of development. However transformation and the respect for it happens whether or not it is acknowledged. Is it a priority? yes for those of us interested in Growing.

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It’s difficult to imagine the Unitarian Universalists becoming “stagnant” or “stuck in a rut.” Change is inevitable. Big questions include, “What kind of change? How and why does change happen? Are there any guidelines?” To who or what is the UUA responsible? SUGGESTION: The Association will be held accountable by future generations. Stewardship is important. Among some of the Native American groups, people are concerned about “the next seven generations.” It’s indigenous wisdom that can be helpful to the UUA during an era of climate change. Accountability was discussed in 8th principle proposals.

Hello, Robert.
My name is Denise Frizzell and I am a long time UU. I am currently a member with the Eno River UU Fellowship in Durham, NC and am serving as a GA delegate this year.

I agree wholeheartedly with your view that stewardship is important and that we (UUs and the UUA) are accountable to future generations and thus need to be explicit about our commitment to respond to our global climate crisis and other life-threatening environmental degradation in this Article II document.

Thus, I wanted to let you know that I submitted the following amendment today (see below). If you are serving as a delegate, I invite you to support it. If you are not, I invite you to share with your congregation’s delegates and invite them to consider supporting it.

Thank you.

With active hope for a healthy, peace-filled, just, and sustainable planet for all life,
Denise Frizzell

C-2.6. Earth Solidarity.
Earth, our beautiful blue boat home, is in great peril. Humanity, all sentient beings, and nature itself face numerous unprecedented challenges to life as we now know it and take for granted. Climate change, mass extinction of species, desertification, deforestation, massive die-off of coral reefs, and pollution threaten to disrupt the delicate balance of ecosystems on which we all depend. At this historical and evolutionary crossroads, where every choice matters, we are called to bridge our differences and call upon our shared heritage, principles, and values to unite as Unitarian Universalists to transform ourselves and our consumer culture and invest in real solutions at every level of society for a thriving common future for all life