Amendment 50 to Article II - Proposed by Art Hillman

Add Wisdom as a Value.

We seek to understand the world’s complexity and develop good judgment to discern the best path toward positive change. We covenant to consider the words and deeds of our forebears, the diverse needs and opinions of community members, and potential impacts on future generations as we decide what actions to take in the present.


It is a beautiful statement. It seems to me that the concept of wisdom is a broad term for what is captured in the Principles/Values.

I like this a lot. There are so many suggested additions to the values that make sense, that flower needs lots of petals.

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I love this amendment and fully support it.

I think this amendment and #7 to add wonder as a value both highlight that what we mean by “values” and “inspirations” is unclear. In our amendment #27 we sought to try to clarify the relationship between values and inspirations using a revised graphic. I am curious if others think that this graphic helps and if folks still think wisdom is a value or if it belongs as an inspiration.

I do wish we had been able to incorporate some of this verbiage into our amendment but it looks like this was just newly proposed.

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I am not thrilled with the concept of including any graphic in the by-laws—one can certainly be derived from the by-laws and used in many ways and places—but I found the one in Amendment #27 too complex, or something; not a fan.
My initial reading of the final proposed version of the Article II revision was that it was better than the first attempt, but still needed a lot of work. I am curious to see what results after the miniassembly (annoyed that we will not be voting for amendments there to guide the team putting the final version together). As of now, I would be a No vote, but there are a lot of good amendment suggestions that might carry the day.

Someone else has added reason. I think wisdom is also a good addition. Perhaps those two could be combined.

To presenters or promoters of amendments that weren’t prioritized or presented: This forum is closing for comment tomorrow, but our lay-led public Facebook group, Blue Boat Passengers, will remain open for another few weeks for commenting (and still be viewable after that).

If you want to find people to coordinate with for the 15-congregation amendment process, you may use the group to do so while it remains open. There’s now a specific post for this in the group (“A post for those wishing to do the 15-congregation amendment process to coordinate”). Please read both the rules and the pinned post about the pending suspension of the group before posting or commenting there.