Amendment 80 to Article II - Proposed by Carol Fern Culhane

Bold underlining indicate insertion ; [brackets indicate deletion.]

Line 44. Section C-2.3. Inspirations.
Line 45. As Unitarian Universalists, we use, and are inspired by, sacred and
secular understandings
Line 46. that help us to live into our values. We respect
the histories, contexts and cultures in which
Line 47. they were created and are
currently practiced.

Insert into the middle of line 47:
Our inheritances include the importance of justice from Judaism, the importance of Love from Christianity and Universalism, the importance of individual freedom of conscience and scientific rationalism from Unitarianism, the importance of skepticism from atheism/agnosticism, the importance of ethical principles from secular humanism, the importance of our relationships with the natural world and each other from earth-centered spirituality, and the importance of mindfulness and presence from Buddhism. As an evolving faith, we draw on these and other traditions.

These sources ground us and sustain us in
Line 48. ordinary, difficult, and joyous times. Grateful for the religious ancestries we inherit and the
Line 49. diversity which enriches our faith, we are called to ever deepen and expand our wisdom.

I worry that the identification of specific qualities with specific sources implies that the other sources do not share those qualities, or maybe worse that the sources have nothing else to offer us.

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