#400 | Denise Frizzell | Values contextualize Principles

Submission 400
Denise Frizzell
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Durham, NC) 6632

What is your suggestion or idea?

Upon much reflection over the past two months, I would like to offer a suggestion for moving forward that others may have put forth but I have not yet seen.

  1. New-Section 2.1 - Return our C-2.1 Seven Principles and Sources.
  2. Maintain and refine the new Values section to more fully complement, sync, expand, and contextualize our Principles for the historical needs/evolutionary imperative of our times (""the Great Turning).
  3. Adopt the 8th Principle but drop ““accountably”” which creates a judgmental/evaluative ““judge and jury”” human law tone which will ultimately divide and not unite humanity which is the practical, moral, and spiritual imperative of our times.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

The reason I put forth this suggestion is that as mentioned above, I see it as a way to move forward that honors the ethical and spiritual foundation of our UU Principles that many long-time UU are deeply rooted and shaped in their identity as UUs, and their ethical and spiritual center, AND honors the evolutionary impulse shining forth and the beautiful diversity brought forth by our newer members.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

While I have not yet articulated this particular idea, I have participated in congregational conversations about the Article 2 Amendment and voiced my distress over what I perceive as a radical and rash process and product that has resulted in periodic sensations of inner emotional, ethical, and spiritual tectonic turbulence. However, at the same time, I yearn to open my mind and heart to the evolutionary impulse of the souls bringing the gift of this Amendment to our UU World. I truly hope and pray for an integrated way forward for our denomination.

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