#129 | roger brumley | Do Not Revise the current Article 2

Submission 129
roger brumley)
UU Santa Fe, NM

What is your suggestion or idea?

Do not revise the current Article 2. It has served UUs well for over 60 years and remains rock solid as guides to live by. Do not throw the baby out with the bath
water. Lets take a stand against racism in a more constructive manner by changing
systems and policies at the governmental level. I have neither seen nor read any
substantive criticism of the Seven Principles. The proposed ““Values”” are too
ambiguous with several key words lacking in definition. Vote note to change the
current Article II .

What is the reason for your amendment idea?


Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

I have talked with several members of my Congregation. They express similar
thoughts but believe the leadership of UUSF feels there is nothing that can be done to change the autocratic movement underway at UUA Boston.