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To promote conversation that’s focused on the topic of the original post, replies are chronological (not hierarchical or threaded). This reinforces the idea that replies are to be considered in the entirety of the conversation and it discourages off-topic tangents.

I’m not sure who to ask this: Why does my bold and strike-through that I so carefully put in my post not show up?!! Can it be corrected? Thanks for any help you can offer. It’s very discouraging that my Fellowship and I put so much thought into Amendment ideas, but the ideas don’t come across clearly in the post because of formatting problems.


Hi Kara, some of the formatting is lost when we import the submissions, but we do go back through and edit them to correct the formatting when its needed for context. Let me know if we missed one.

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Thanks Larry.

Another question: I submitted an Amendment late afternoon of April 30.
But I don’t see an email acknowledgment that it has been received. Is
there usually a time delay on that sort of thing?

  • Kara

Hi Larry, I didn’t get a confirmation that you got my emails last night and this morning, so I’m just trying this one other route of communication. Thanks - Kara

I have a similar issue, and haven’t been sure where/how to ask a question about it: I submitted 3 suggestions in one day, and got emails confirming 2 of them. I never received an email about the 3rd one.

Please ignore my comment. I see that the 3rd item I submitted has now been posted. I apologize for not checking before I spoke.

Hi again, I have a question about submitting Amendments.

I am personally finished submitting Amendments (with the exception of a technical issue regarding one I submitted April 30 - help!).

However I had let my Fellowship know that if they had any interest, they could still submit Amendments AFTER April 30 - they just wouldn’t be considered “priority.”

So I was surprised when I tried to copy the submission form link for them and got the message that submissions were closed!

Was there a change in the plan, or was someone (including me!) unaware of the plan, or was there a technical error, or ?

Thanks for any help you can provide to understand what’s going on.

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My understanding is that the form was live for the month of April ONLY. After that, there will be open discussions which you can attend virtually. See this link and Heading "Discussing Amendment Ideas: May: Article II Study and Amendment Process |
You will need to register to attend the discussions.

  • Angela Lesperance

Thank you for your reply Angela!