Amendment 90 to Article II - Proposed by Rhona Cohen

Bold underlining indicate insertion ; [brackets indicate deletion.]

Section C-2.2. Purposes. The Unitarian Universalist Association shall devote its resources to and exercise its corporate powers for religious, educational and humanitarian purposes. The primary purpose of the Association is to serve the needs of its member congregations, by creating specific UU offices and or officers, enabling members or others to discuss and get help regarding their needs. Members are requested to officiate where needed, thus organiz ing new congregations, by building new churches or affiliated churches within historically poor neighborhoods, thus extend ing and strengthe ing Unitarian Universalist institutions and implement ing its principles.

I understand that this site will be locked on Tuesday, in a few hours. Our lay-led public Facebook group, Blue Boat Passengers, created for discussing Article II and GA, will remain open for commenting a couple weeks longer (and still be visible for viewing as a public record afterwards).
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Anyone who wishes to use the Blue Boat Passengers group for finding each other and coordinating to do the 15-congregation amendment process may do so while the group remains open (please read pinned post and follow group rules).

Here are some comments about the 15-congregation amendment process, from Donald Wilson, who used to be on the GA Planning Committee:

"“Unlike how the amendment process was run for this GA (ie at the discretion of the moderators and board), the process you’ve mentioned is bylaw and subject to little to no interpretation. I wouldn’t wait however. You need to get the petition from the UUA Board Secretary in the next couple weeks, and you have to have it turned Into the Board before February 1st.”