Amendment 57 to Article II - Proposed by Jane Takahashi

Bold underlining indicate insertion ; [brackets indicate deletion.]

Section C-2.1 Purposes

The Unitarian Universalist Association will devote its resources to and use its organizational powers for religious, educational and humanitarian purposes. Its primary purposes are to assist congregations in their vital spiritual growth ministries, support and train leaders both lay and professional, to foster [lifelong] freely chosen paths to faith formation, to heal [historic] past racial injustices and prevent further harms to marginalized persons and communities, and to advance our Democratic Unitarian Universalist values in the world.

I make these suggestion because fostering freely chosen paths to faith formation and spiritual growth has been the essential difference between Unitarian Universalists from other secular social justice organizations. IMO words that encourage freely chosen paths will encourage multicultural inclusion of congregants to keep their cultural values while seeking new truths.

Inclusion of healing past racial injustices and the prevention of further harms emphasize in a clear action statement that our congregations supports work towards racial diversity, inclusion and equity. This statement would state our congregations would help prevent harms towards new immigrants and emerging ethnic communities.

By adding the word democratic UU values will assuage fears of authoritarian tendencies here in America and abroad. It would also remind our congregations that minority views must be considered as we transition from a “white” dominated congregational culture to one open to all

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This is lovely, but-- shouldn’t that be a lower case D? “…to advance our democratic Unitarian Universalist values in the world”.


Absolutely. Big “D” refers to the party.


I have heard that this site will be locked on Tuesday. Our lay-led public Facebook group, Blue Boat Passengers, created for discussing Article II and GA, will remain open for commenting a couple weeks longer (and still be visible for viewing as a public record afterwards).
Blue Boat Passengers: Info & Constructive Discussion re Article II, etc. | Announcement: This group will soon be suspended | Facebook

Anyone who wishes to use the Blue Boat Passengers group for finding each other and coordinating to do the 15-congregation amendment process may do so while the group remains open (must follow group rules).

Here are some comments about the 15-congregation amendment process, from Donald Wilson, who used to be on the GA Planning Committee:

"“Unlike how the amendment process was run for this GA (ie at the discretion of the moderators and board), the process you’ve mentioned is bylaw and subject to little to no interpretation. I wouldn’t wait however. You need to get the petition from the UUA Board Secretary in the next couple weeks, and you have to have it turned Into the Board before February 1st.”

“You don’t even have to have a congregational vote. You just have to get their board to sign off.” ETA: You must check this–rules vary by congregation. Also, look for the UU Governance Lab group on Facebook to connect with Donald Wilson directly.

Also, a comment from another member who was participating on Discuss:
“Some of us are connecting on Slack, mainly to remain in contact with others interested in specific amendments or the amendment process in general at GA 2024.”…/zt-1y0pvelub-YVxUFoPpTrZ…