#58 | Linda Sanders | "Within the Congregation"

Submission 58
Linda Sanders
First Unitarian Church of Wilmington Del. (Wilmington, DE) 2823

What is your suggestion or idea?

section C-2.2. Values and Covenant
Insert the bolded text

As Unitarian Universalist, we covenant WITHIN THE CONGREGATION, congregation-to-congregation… building on the foundation of love.

We think ““love”” needs more definition.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

  1. adding within the congregation. this covenant needs to apply to the individual congregation between the participants in the congregation. The other qualifiers explain the relationships outside the individual congregation to the larger institutions.

  2. The concept of ““love”” has many definitions, some recently added by Christian Nationalism and other far right organizations are not the kind of ““love”” that we would embrace as a concept.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

These suggestions were created by our congregation’s sub team that explored the Article II document on April 2, 2023.

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