#367 | Steve Myles | Insert 6 values after Seven Principles

Submission 367
Steve Myles
UU Congregation of Fairfax (Oakton, VA) 8122

What is your suggestion or idea?

Insert the descriptive words of the 6 values without any of the individual covenants in Section C-2.1 right after the Seven Principles.

This preserves the Seven Principles and strengthens them with the supporting 6 values.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

There have been many posts in Facebook and sermons by UU Ministers showing how the proposed values support the seven principles. For instance, the 2nd Principle of Justice, Equity, and compassion in human relations is supported by the values of Interdependence, Justice, Equity, and Generosity and the 3rd Principle is supported by the values of Pluralism and Transformation.

Since the original principles said to be supported by the proposed values, the combination of both will be even stronger. We covenant to affirm and promote the Seven Principles and right after that we present the values that support them. Nothing else is needed.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

This idea came after watching a sermon the link to which was posted in my congregation’s website.