#274 | Bill Jordan | Meaningless Blather

Submission 274
Bill Jordan
UU Church of Akron, Ohio

What is your suggestion or idea?

In Section C-2.1, delete the last sentence, ““The purpose of the Unitarian Universalist Association is to actively engage its members in the transformation of the world through liberating love.””

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

First, this provision is essentially meaningless blather. No one knows what the term ““transformation of the world thorough liberating love”” actually means. It may have a positive meaning, but it may also be a cover for for the highly autocratic imposition of particular narrow views of transformation.

Second, this provision transforms the UUA into an actor - ““actively engag[ing] its members.”” I read this provision as another authorization to force the congregations into whatever actions the UUA believes are appropriate. It is a direct affront to congregational independence, as well as congregational polity. The UUA is a service organization for the congregations and other entities, not an action organization in any way.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Not with the congregation as a whole. We have been prevented from having discussion about anything that might undermine or question the proposed revisions to Article II. Yes, I have discussed with these issues with fellow UUs, all of whom are deeply concerned that the UUA has been and continues to centralize control in Boston, with the apparent goal of auditing and otherwise reviewing the congregations to assure they comply with the UUAs new gospel, which many of them do not share.


The “liberating love” phrase concerns me too. I feel that it could be problematic. ummm…as a UU in a small congregation in Canada…is there some kind of power struggle going on in Boston to revamp UU???

I belong to Bill’s congregation. Respectfully, his views are extreme for our congregation’s norms.

Thanks for the heads-up, as it is hard to tell from a distance.

One of the reasons why I deconverted from Christianity over three decades ago was the church’s refusal (or incapacity) to explain what was really meant by “Love the world with the Love of Christ.”

One thing that was clear was that this was an impossible goal and insisting on that was setting us up for persistent failure, for always feeling like we needed to do better, for perpetually realizing that we were sinners falling short of what we needed to do, for feeling grateful that our sins would be forgiven anyway, blah, blah, blah.

It really sets up an unhealthy psychological dynamic to insist on impossible goals like this.

Well, either an impossible goal or meaningless blather.

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I am also a member of Bill’s congregation and I have spoken with many long time members who share his concerns.