#255 | Christine Denario | Add "Reason" to Values

I think Reason belongs in both the Values and the Sources sections!
For one thing, many people may look only at the Values section, which will likely be displayed prominently in our churches, on bookmarks and brochures, as was done with the Principles. Many members joined and felt they belonged in the UU church because of the 4th Principle.
Also, reason can and does call for action as I see it. I state it simply in my proposed amendment:
REASON: We search for truth and meaning, informed by both reason and values. We covenant to search responsibly, thoughtfully considering the results of science and other evidence, while remaining open to new ideas and others’ viewpoints. Motivated by wonder, curiosity, and compassion, we strive to use our capacity for reason to engender better outcomes for all in our interconnected world.

Could we renumber your versions 1 and 2 to be 1a and 1b, as mine are 2a and 2b? (I think 2c was somewhat of an intermediate draft which no longer needs to be there.)
Thank you! I’m so glad we’re keeping this discussion alive.

LeRae, what a BEAUTIFUL statement! Truly,

Do we have enough people participating / are we close to wrapping it up to go forward? I’ll have one last opportunity to share and hear from my congregation and delegates Sunday.

As you mention

The revision of Article II as it currently stands will eliminate both the Principles and the Sources. If the Sources are no longer referenced, and we want Reason to be included in Article II, then it should be considered a Value.
Reason is not just an abstract noun; it is a verb, and the commissioning of a newly conceptualized Article II took place because our current Principles and Sources were deemed to be idealistic, rather than active. The 8th Principle was an effort to state clearly that UUs don’t just talk a good game; we act on it, too. Reasoning is an action. It belongs among our stated Values.


Hi LeRae, I was very confused by the rearrangements of the Google Doc we’ve been working on, because my suggested revision of your last suggestion got moved to the beginning of the document. I’ve revised the Google Doc such that my suggested revision now appears as #3 at the bottom of the document. Please take a look and continue to revise.

Do you want us to revise each others’? I’ll go look at it, and see what I might do. I don’t want to mess up the doc again.