#241 | Chris Stotler | Supplement the Current Principles

Submission 241
Chris Stotler
All Faiths Unitarian Congregation, Inc. (Fort Myers, FL) 2929

What is your suggestion or idea?

Keep the current Principles and Sources as the
beginning of this section(C.2) with minor changes such as adding the 8th
Principle and making the sources more inclusive of other religions. Title it C.2.1 Principles and Sources of the Unitarian Universalist Faith.

Proposed sections C. 2.2 through C. 2.5 should follow with wording as proposed. I like how they are written
and they add an understanding of who we are. They supplement the Principles.

The currently proposed Section C.2.1 “Purposes” would
become C.2.6 “UUA Purpose”. In this section delete the last sentence which as
written is a “top down” focus and is not needed if the organization is doing
what is stated in the first paragraph of the proposed version.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

The current Principles are easily understood by visitors and state who we are in distinct points. The new section C.2.2 supplements our principles with further understanding of who we are and what we stand for. Together the message is much better than either one by themselves. The wording of proposed sections C.2.2 through C.2.5 are good and can replace existing sections C.2.2 through C.2.4.
The proposed C.2.1 Purposes speaks only of the UUA and should not be at the beginning of the section. It belongs at the end of the section and should be retitled as C.2.6 UUA Purposes, because it only addresses the UUA organization. I suggest deleting the last sentence because it is not needed and distracts fromt he primary purpose of UUA supporting member congregations. UUA’s purpose is not ““top down”” transformation of its members.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Yes I’ve discussed this proposed organization and changes with our board members and other members. We will be holding congregational workshops on the Article II proposed changes. Individual members are encouraged to submit proposed changes or comments. I will be one of our delegates to GA.

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