#124 | Karen Brown | Peace in Place of Transformation and Generosity

Submission 124
Karen Brown
UU Church of the Monterey Peninsula (Carmel, CA) 2311

What is your suggestion or idea?

Eliminate both headings Transformation and Generosity and their text.

Add heading Peace.

Add this text. We cultivate a spirit of hope and faith that we can create a world without war and violence. We covenant to transform our world through action and inclusive democratic processes and create a more peaceful planet.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

Seems like these are minor values, unless you put them together as I have. This way we create the strength to make change. I can’t believe there is no peace in the proposal! That is essential. That is our history and our future.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?


See my Proposal to add Peace as a value #151 Peace: We dedicate ourselves to peaceful conflict resolution, using nonviolent means wherever possible. We covenant to promote a world community with liberty, and human rights for all. and if possible offer support in this Thursday’s online discussion. Thanks

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I love this amendment idea and fully support it.

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