#115 | Carole Lee | Philosphoical with Little Specifics

Submission 115
Carole Lee
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington (Lexington KY)

What is your suggestion or idea?

I have always loved the bullet points set out in the current version of Section C-2.1. It’s almost like reading and remembering the Ten Commandments. Even though Love is already mentioned in the current Section C-2.1 Principles section, an additional bullet point regarding Love could be included if needed. But more importantly, at this time, in our world, Truth should be included as a core value in the image depicted in the revision. And its bullet point should remain as an exclamation as opposed to a casual mention in the philosophical musings.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

The revised version of Article II, to me, reads as a philosophical writing with little specifics. And the use of the word Love seems overused. Speaking of Love, I treasure my church because it operates in the present day, doing everything it can to make this world a better place for all people, thus its inclusivity. And please don’t think harshly of me when I mention that the many mentions of the word Love in the revision takes me back to the sixties and the hippie movement.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

I have emailed with my pastor, Rev. Brian Chenowith, and he suggested that I might want to pass my thoughts on to the UUA.

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It’s revealing that “truth” isn’t one of the UUA’s proposed 7 values, while justice/equity gets two mentions. The UUA wanted to take out “truth” altogether, but UUs pushed back last fall when we saw that, so the UUA has shoehorned “truth” back in as a subsidiary of pluralism. It’s hard to imagine what it means for a spiritual community not to revere truth. Truth should be prominent, like it is in the current 7 Principles.

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@JonathanTSeattle Your statement sounds like a “truth” with a notable accompanying caveat: The current 7 Principles do not have “truth” per se as prominent. Rather, one of the seven addresses the “search for truth and meaning.” This seems both intentional and very significant. It distinguishes UUs (searching) from those faith communities who claim to already have the “truth” (owning).

@Carole Lee I agree with you about the simplicity of the original bullet points. Simple often works better. Also, maybe a bit late now, but you might want to respell “philosophical” in the title?

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Science, reason and truth are important to me in my spiritual life. I get that they aren’t in vogue now, and are policitical on a variety of fronts. But that UU offers a place for atheists, humanists, agnostics and more to share in a spiritual community, is important I think. I do think truth/reason should be given more space.

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@AnthonyFiscella Yes, it’s important that truth be in the context of searches for truth

Thanks for your remarks re the original bullet points. I do love simplicity when it works. But “Ouch” on the misspelling of “Philosophical” in the title assigned to my submission. I did not compose or assign a title. Perhaps that was provided by A.I.?