Amendment 47 to Article II - Proposed by Rosemary White

Bold underlining indicate insertion ; [brackets indicate deletion.]

34 Transformation. We embrace possibilities [adapt to the] in an always changing world.
35 We covenant to grow spiritually and ethically, accept ourselves and one another, and collectively advance transformations that embody Love.
[collectively transform and grow spiritually and ethically.] Openness to change

36 is fundamental to our Unitarian and Universalist heritages, never complete and never perfect.


The positive and active tone of the first sentence invites us to read on! The original “We adapt to a changing world.” left some of us wondering about the direction of change that simply adapting might imply. The covenant sentence in this amendment leaves no doubt; this amendment is a positive and signficant improvement.

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PLEASE NOTE: #47 and #23 are identical Amendments by the same person!

Rosemary, please see my reply under #23.