#354 | Beki Halpin | Change "covenant" to "aspire"

Submission 354
Beki Halpin
First UU Church of Austin (Austin, TX) 7713

What is your suggestion or idea?

Change ““we covenant”” to ““we aspire”” in the entire Article II document

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

A covenant is a binding agreement between parties.

Our guide star documents should be aspirational, not binding pledges to do certain things.

Further, the document states that we are accountable to one another for living these values.
I don’t think we want to be accounting to each other for how well we are or are not living prescribed values.

We are a religion where each person is free to follow their own conscience, not a religion that binds congregants to prescribed actions.

Change all uses of ““covenant”” to ““aspire””.
Also, remove ““We are accountable to one another in living our values”” and replace with ““We support one another in living our values””

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

We discussed this is a meeting about the Article II update with our minister and there was some support for keeping the Principles in part because of move to all the covenants.

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