#342 | Cheryl Parsons | Replace Pluralism with either Reverence or Respect

Submission 342
Cheryl Parsons
Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley (Boiling Springs, PA) 7217

What is your suggestion or idea?

In the diagram of C.2-2, replace Pluralism with either Reverence or Respect.
Also replace Transformation with Open-mindedness.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

For me the words Pluralism and Transformation don’t correlate as well with the ideas in the explanation that follows. They also seem too academic. The idea of a graphic is one that makes our faith more visually-oriented, which is important in the 21st century. I think it’s important for the graphic to be able to stand alone without the lovely explanations, as there will be some who won’t bother to read them. The explanations are not as easily remembered as our current principles, but the single words will be. We should choose them wisely and make them accessible and meaningful to all ages and levels of education, to our members and to those who are just curious about Unitarian Universalism.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

Our congregation has been preoccupied with internal issues and few people have engaged in this process. I have attended Zoom sessions with another member and have generally discussed this with her and with our minister.


Thank you for the suggestion of “Respect” to replace of “Pluralism”. This may work better than “Diversity” which came to mind for our Fellowship.

I agree that “Respect” would be a better word than “Pluralism”. We should strive to use words that are easily understood and that have deep emotional resonance. As we evaluate our lives, we can ask ourselves, “Did I treat everyone with Respect?” The question, “Did I live my life in a pluralistic way?” is not very helpful or inspiring."

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My vote would be for reverence for all of nature!

Cheryl, Mary and Melissa, I agree.
Respect would be my/our first choice. We also considered
Diversity, which we felt was a little clearer than Pluralism. Do you know of anyone/group working on the sentences under Pluralism?

Also, I agree open-mindedness is a possibility for transformation. (one I had in my notes.)
Do you know of anyone/group working on the sentences under Transformation?

Pluralism and Transformation were the two words that stood out as most problelmatic and least inclusive in the document in the discussion groups I met with in my congregation.
Please see my previous post #430.

Hi Amanda,
The Interdependence section addresses reverence for nature. Maybe we could strengthen the statement there.

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Did a delegate submit your proposal for changing the name from pluralism? I know two delegates who would be glad to support that!