#265 | Eugene Atkin | Types of Action

Submission 265
Eugene Atkin
DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church (Naperville, IL) 3334

What is your suggestion or idea?

Add a new section after Principles and before Sources:Types
of Action. Accordingly, members
promise to intentionally apply these principles in personal maturation processes
and in such positions of institutional leadership as we may come to hold within
and among congregations, and in the Association. These principles motivate applications in
these kinds of ways: · (1)
Respect the right of all persons to flourish with dignity and worthiness and to
use time, wisdom, and resources to build and sustain fully inclusive
communities; ·
(2) Grow as individuals spiritually and
ethically; · (3) Discern whether our proposed actions are
consistent with the birthrights and best self-determined identities of everyone,
whether Unitarian Universalist or other; · (4)
Assess the likely side effects of our proposed actions whether intended or not,
and both short term and long term on all affected people, ourselves included; · (5)
Dismantle in ourselves and our institutions abuses of power rooted in unjust ideas
of large-group superiority based on age, national origin, physical challenge,
racial or ethnic identity, religion, sexual preference, or socio-economic
status; · (6)
Share, freely and compassionately, our faith, presence, and resources to connect
with one another in relationships of interdependence and mutuality; and

· (7)
Create and nurture care and respect for our natural environment, attending to
consequences of actions done on our behalf, and to repair harm and damaged
relationships, thereby honoring our evolving Earth.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

This version preserves the Principles and Sources unchanged, but adds a brief section of 7 ““Types of Action”” – suggestions for implementing the principles with somewhat greater specificity, but retains openness to alternative actions in particular times and places. It draws mainly from language in the Commission’s proposal. maintains the balance between intellectual and motivating, broadens 8th principle proposals to cover many marginalized groups. What is not copied from the Commission draft unpacks implications of that language,

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

People who have seen it like to retain the 7 principles and generally like it. In one discussion, I heard one exchange of comments that I incorporated in the above.