#182 | Ruth Gibson | The Logo is Too Busy

Submission 182
Ruth Gibson
The Community Church of Chapel Hill UU (Chapel Hill, NC) 6626

What is your suggestion or idea?

The Logo! it is too busy, full of words, and is not an image that would help anyone understand who we are or lead them to take us seriously.

However, the chalice with the heart-flame is exquisite.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

the chalice with the heart flame says that Love is at the center of our faith, reflecting the traditional pre-merger affirmations (Love it the doctrine of this church/Love is the spirit of this church). It does not need to have the word LOVE printed on it.

I like the message of inclusion implicit in the rainbow of colors, but not the big spirals surrounding big words and making the chalice almost invisible.

I have always liked the way the off-center chalice surrounded by 2 linked circles visually expressed our heritage. Perhaps the logo could be a chalice with a heart flame, surrounded by widening circles in a rainbow of colors. Preferably a ROYGBIV rainbow, that has traditionally been used to express multi-racial and GLBTQ inclusion.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

In our discussion group the one thing that I think everyone agreed on was that this is a terrible logo. One person said it looked just like the logo on Girl Scout Cookies and would make us a laughing-stock. I happen to like Girl Scouts and willingly buy their cookies, but I think our logo should express who we are, and we are not Girl Scouts.

I don’t have a profile but I suppose I should get one and if I do, my user name will be as given below.

To the UUA Board: I have heard others weigh in on the logo. Can this be added to the Values section as a proposed change, rather than a “comment”?

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I’m working on our newsletter today and including the flower. It’s very difficult to read as a smaller size. I’m also having a large poster made (24 x 36) and then the lines of the petals seem too thin. While I find the design overall appealing, it presents practical challenges.

I don’t resonate with the flower drawing either. It is simplistic, and no, I don’t think it helps us be taken seriously. I do like that someone has noted that the flower doesn’t work at small sizes.