#117 | Steve Sullivan | Drop 8th Principle and Accountability

Submission 117
Steve Sullivan
UU Congregation of Erie (Erie, PA) 7222

What is your suggestion or idea?

My first suggestion is to give up both the idea of incorporating the 8th Principle into the Revisions and the related doctrine that our denomination has a white-supremacy culture. ““Widening the Circle of Concern”” was an attempt to justify that doctrine, but it fails badly, as professional statistician Allan Pallay of the UU Congregation of Pottstown, PA shown in a five-page, single-spaced review that I shall try to share below.

My second suggestion, also related, is to drop the continued talk of accountability, which just reinforces suspicions that the UUA (already notorious for its intolerance toward dissenters) is hoping to undermine congregational autonomy.

What is the reason for your amendment idea?

My fundamental reason is the UUA by-laws are no place for ideological pronouncements, especially ones based on unjustified doctrines that alienate current and potential members.

Have you discussed this idea with your congregation or other UUs?

I have given a critical talk on the doctrine of white-supremacy culture at my congregation after services, generating lively discussion. Most attendees were horrified by that doctrine; one responded with an unwarranted personal attack on Allan Pallay. I am also in regular communication with individuals in the congregation who are my friends.

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