#24 | Martin Walker | Change Love to Another Word

Would you also like us to remove words like Hymns, Doxology, and Christmas?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being told that I should be trying to accomplish the impossible. I prefer to try to accomplish the possible. Much less frustrating…

Re: the words. There is a difference between good religion and bad religion. I have no problem with words like that. In fact, I programmed “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” as the opening hymn for my congregation this Easter Sunday.

I have a complex personal relationship towards religion, but what I am against is bad religion — religion that is psychologically and socially harmful. And, in general, I feel like telling people that they should be accomplishing the impossible (as I said in the above post) is harmful.

I see. From my perspective, it is not about accomplishing the impossible but opening up to a world of possibilities that may be bigger than myself. Of course, if I thought I would have to accomplish this type of work all by myself, then it would feel impossible. I’m wondering if adding the perspective of how this work is done in community, with many others, that we might envision any possible future that we could LOVE all 8 million people?

There is so much bad religion out there that if all the people in the good religion say “we just won’t use religious words,” only the bad religion stays. I love that my religion is asking of me the large task of trying to put more love into the world. How can I go wrong? There is no perfection, there is no limit. When I work to put more love in the world, I always accomplish that, no matter how small.

While I don’t feel that the term “Love” is too Christian, too emotionally charged, or too erotic, I do think its is much too… inarticulate. Its a word that can mean 100 things so therefore has little meaning. Its a slogan, and seems a pretty weak one at that. To me it seems overly simple and a bit juvenile. I am not in favor of the revamp of the Article II, and this is just one of the reasons.


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